Device Characteristics Measurement Service 


Dont you have enough budgets to afford your own probe station or instrument?

Or you only need to measure few samples, and wish to verify the probe station and instrument first? Just send your sample to KeithLink!

What measurement services can we provide? 

  •        Low Current/Low Voltage Measurement
  •        Four Point Resistivity Measurement
  •       Contact Resistance Measurement
  •       Hall Effect Voltage Measurement
  •       Capacitance, Voltage Measurement
  •       Pulse IV Measurement
  •       LCD Panel/LCM Panel Light Up Inspection and Measurement Service 

Our specialties:

  • Electronics materials.
  • Device Physics and characteristics.
  • IC testing, low level signal measurement of device.
  • System IC application support, eg. LCD Driver IC, audio related IC, video related IC, etc.​ 

You provide sample to us, and we provide test and measurement service for you.