Sheet Resistance Measurement

Four Point Probe Sheet Resistivity Measurement System 

Integrate our four-point probe station, measuring instruments, and measurement programs as a total solution.

User can key in film thickness, tip diameter, probe spacing, and get the below data from the sample: 

  • Resistance        
  • Sheet resistivity            
  • Volume resistivity            
  • Conductivity


Measure sheet resistance and conductivity for the following forming films:

  • Metal films                
  • Conductive film on touch panel ITO/glass (PET)
  • Conductive thin-film on solar cells  
  • Silicon on the silicon wafer
  • Conductive polymer film                            
  • Other films

It can measure the resistance of conductors and semiconductors. This equipment mainly used for measuring the resistance of semiconductor films, Sheet Resistivity, with a unit of  Ω/£ or ohms per square. (£ means to measure an area instead of cm2)

KeithLink’s program can integrate current and voltage IV measurement function (option) for you to know the changes of resistance resulting from different voltages.

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